Richard III's DNA

Richard III's Body?

Mechelen Bones - the results

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The Princes in the Tower

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Plantagenet Y Chromosome


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Plantagenet DNA
The DNA of England's Plantagenet Kings

Seeking the Plantagenet Y chromosome

So far it has not proved possible to find a volunteer willing to provide a DNA sample which might reveal details of the Plantagenet Y-chromosome.

For this, a living male member of the SOMERSET family (descendants of the fifteenth-century Beaufort dukes of Somerset) is required.(See IMAGES.)

An alternative source would be the hand of Thomas Beaufort, Duke of Exeter, which was removed from his body in the eighteenth century, when his tomb at Bury St Edmunds Abbey was opened. This hand was for a time preserved in Bury St Edmunds, but its present whereabouts have not yet been traced.

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