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Plantagenet DNA
The DNA of England's Plantagenet Kings

Recent developments in Plantagenet DNA research

No match has been found between Joy Ibsen's mtDNA and mtDNA from any of the female bones found at the Franciscan Priory site in Mechelen.

Joy's mtDNA belongs to haplogroup J.

One of the sets of bones from Mechelen also belongs to group J, but shows mutations different from those of Joy.

One set of Mechelen bones belongs to group H.

The third set appears to belong to group V, but shows signs of contamination.

These results suggest that none of the Mechelen bones can be those of Margaret of York.

In an attempt to clarify the situation further, DNA tests were conducted on a sample of Edward IV's hair, donated by the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford.

Since Edward IV was Margaret of York's brother, his mtDNA should also match both Margaret's and Joy's.

However, it did not prove possible to extract and sequence mtDNA from Edward IV's hair.

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